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Twilight Path

C.F. King

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Pages: 390



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A man is so driven by revenge and righteous anger that the line between good and evil becomes blurred and he all but destroys the woman he loves.

His life is dark, his past is violent. He is haunted by a murdered wife and child and obsessed with avenging their deaths. This is Marquis Blake de Montfort, the most powerful man at court, but his power is not vested in parliament, it’s more insidious. He’s a ruthless master spy for King George II. The marquis is hated by men, desired by women and feared by all.

The king lusts after Tanisha Ashburn and forces the marquis to marry her. She has no idea that she’s surrendered her life of travel and searching for antiquities for the lusts of men and betrayal.

Unprepared for the marquis’ verbal abuse and the intrigues surrounding him, Tanisha’s life becomes a misery. Left alone for days, she explores her new home. She stumbles on a hidden study and surprises a handsome stranger. He introduces himself as the marquis’ brother. Evan is everything her husband is not. Tanisha succumbs to his seduction, but she is unaware of the dire consequences that will forever change her.

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