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Twenty-Five Years with the Insane

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This personal memoir about mental illness in the 19th century was published in 1885.

A short summary of the Prefatory Note from the book:

The author desires, in this way, to acknowledge his obligations
to the Superintendents of the asylums for the insane in
Michigan, and especially to Dr. Palmer, of Kalamazoo, for his
kindness in examining the manuscript of the book, and for
many valuable suggestions. It should be stated, however,
that he is in no degree responsible for any opinions and
ideas expressed.

It is deemed necessary to make only this general acknowledg-
ment for the material derived from historical and other books
treating of mental diseases, since those works are well known
to all familiar with the literature of insanity, and most of the
matter thus obtained is, to a large extent, common property.


I. Introductory and Personal

II. Insanity and its Treatment Among the Ancients

III. The Insane During the Early Christian Centuries

IV. The First Hospitals and Asylums for the Insane and Their Character

V. Curious Superstitions and Strange Methods of Treating the Insane

VI. The Beginnings of Reform and Improvement

VII. The Modern Asylum

VIII. Guaranties for the Safey and Proper Care of the Insane in Asylums

IX. Treatment of the Insane Outside of Asylums

X. Opinions and Feelings of Patients

XI. Schools and Insanity

XII. Religion and Insanity

XIII. Alcohol and Insanity

XIV. Tobacco and Other Narcotics and Insanity

XV. Inherited Tendencies and Insanity

XVI. Insanity and Crime

XVII. Concluding Thoughts

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