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Thresholds : A Lifetime of Solitude And Obsession

David Livingstone

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Language: English

Pages: 88

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing (January 1, 2010)


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This contains writings from years ago and also from his present life experiences. These poems represent David’s attempt to express how he perceives the world around him- sometimes scary and threatening, sometimes engaging and interesting, sometimes fascinating, always experience as new and different, and these poems contain vivid and imaginative imagery, being a distillation of an individualistic style that borders at times on fantasy. Taking a look at these snapshots of life through David’s very different lens will change your perception of the world around you forever.

About the Author

David Livingstone was born in 1964 and after a happy childhood and performing well at school, especially in English and Physical Education, and many years as a semi-professional footballer, he suffered a psychotic breakdown, aged 25 which required detaining in hospital under section and a subsequent diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

After many years of rehabilitation towards recovery, he met and married his wife Kate who has borne 2 children, Tommy, now aged 10 and Bethany, aged 9. Always a keen and wide-ranging reader, David started to write experimental poetry a few years ago- the processing of creative imaginings which he finds therapeutic and deeply satisfying.

More recently he has tried to learn to play the guitar and racquet sports-badminton, squash and tennis in a local community centre, is keeping David fit, after much weight gain due to medication, and also more socially engaged. After much trial he is perhaps finally making progress, with the help of Alice Bailey’s writings, and having also embarked recently on a course studying sociology.

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