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Theory and Practice of Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

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Publisher: Karnac Books; annotated edition edition (July 9, 2012)


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The book opens with an introduction to and history of the experiential dynamic therapies (EDT) including the groundbreaking Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) of Habib Davanloo and its subsequent development. The centrality of relationship in therapy is emphasised and the current state of the art and science described. Material from interviews with David Malan is presented, sharing some of his experiences, thoughts and insights over decades of clinical practice, research into and promotion of short-term dynamic therapies. The essential ingredients of experiential dynamic therapies are described, and the reader is orientated to the practice of EDT. Key characteristics of taking care of the real relationship, mirroring, history taking, and putting into perspective are also presented. In addition, high technical content, experiential-dynamic interventions, including defence re-structuring, emotional maieutics, anxiety regulation, dealing with the Super-ego, connecting corners of the Triangle of Others, and Self- and Other- Re-structuring are introduced and discussed. A coding system used throughout the clinical chapters to clarify the nature, and application, of therapist interventions is described. The conceptualization of 'character hologram' is explained in detail, and illustrated with clinical material. Throughout the book, annotated extracts from real therapy sessions are presented to illustrate characteristics of EDTs in clinical practice and, wherever possible, follow-up is presented. The clinical chapters describe the application of experiential dynamic individual and group approaches within the UK National Health Service and Counselling Services, primarily, but also in other Countries having similar public health services (Holland, Israel and Italy). The relevance of experiential dynamic approaches in providing case management and supervision, and in treating the more complex presentations of common mental health problems is discussed. A research chapter provides an overview of EDT-related research to date. It is argued that EDTs represent a promising integration of a number of therapeutic principles, and their place within current mental health policy in the National Health Service in the UK is outlined.

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