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The Understanding of Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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After straggling with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for more than four years I can tell you that I know this world very well. When you find yourself in these conditions it feels like your life is over and you will never go back to be normal again. I still remember that feeling of fear, pain and anguish that used to be part of my life. But, I can affirm you that life can be better again, I am not promising you any magical formula or any kind of fast solution, what I want to share with you is my personal experience and what I have learned in this journey that took me to self-discovery. In my humble opinion there is no other way, you will have to go deep inside yourself and try to find the root of the problem, it is by understanding the problem that you will become free. When you understand yourself in the physical, emotional and mental level you will be balanced again. I believe that you will feel like never before, this imbalance is simply a call for change, it is not a punishment, you are just out of alignment and with time this will be your biggest gift, as long as you face it and see it as a possibility for growth.

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