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The Skeleton Child

Zac E. Eisley

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"I remember the first day I ever met you, Black Man. You watched me as I helped the dolls eat their dinner in their fabulous house. You walked up behind me and fear washed over me. I stood up and looked up at you. You were the size of an adult. I was only two or three."

How do you tell what is real and what is not? What do you do when you have friends others cannot see, and memories you cannot explain; you are not of this world? An ancient calender counts down to your death. The whole world is waiting. How can you be sure you exist?

"The servant girl and her father, Geldi and Cairo, were almost dust by that point. They had lived way past their use by date. They were like the wind, they were gone. They had waited for thousands of years for my return just like I had waited thousands of years for his.

“If you touch it, you will remember. And you don’t want to. You really don’t want to. But none of this is your fault.”

“But it is real?”

“Never. None of it is ever real.”"

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