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The Dark Scrolls (An Ennin Mystery #11)

Ben Stevens

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 25

Publisher: Nanbanjin (March 26, 2014)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 9.4 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Allegedly dictated by the warrior-god Hachiman to a martial monk, the 'Dark Scrolls' are rumored to make anyone who has them in their possession truly invincible...

Lost for centuries, the Dark Scrolls are now being held in the castle of an arrogant daimyo named Kimura. Ennin is asked to retrieve these scrolls by another daimyo, Yoichi, so that they may be destroyed - the threat they pose to the security of Japan simply being too great...

But does Yoichi really have the best interests of his country at heart? And how, exactly, can Ennin obtain the Dark Scrolls from Kimura in the first place...?

This is the 11th Ennin Mystery

Amazon reviews for ENNIN

'The greatest of Japan's detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted servant and chronicler Kukai...' M. Dowden, Hall of Fame, TOP 50 Amazon reviewer

'These Ennin Mysteries are absolutely fabulous...' sshap

'I can't stop reading this series! If you love historical mysteries, you will love the period and cultural detail...' Pauline

'Cleverly written and filled with facts regarding old Japan.... Very similar to Holmes and Watson...' Eileen Sedgwick

'An excellent Japanese detective series... I enjoy each and every story...' R. Russell

'Stevens keeps on delivering... This is a great series. Anyone who enjoys Sherlock Holmes will enjoy the similarities in Stevens' characters and Doyle's. Fresh plots, exotic locale, who-done-its, and a unique set of protagonists. I've read all the Ennin series and look forward to each new adventure. Highly recommended...' Abby Normal

'Entertaining read with Holmesian overtones, but very different setting...' Gerry H

'Once you start this, I'm betting you won't be able to set it down until you finish it...' Judy

'The author weaves intrigue, subterfuge and cunning into a very enjoyable story...' J. Cepeda

'Historical setting and cultural background are excellently researched...' D. Werdin

'Wonderful... Like a Japanese room arrangement with clean lines keeping clutter to a minimum...' AcerAcer

'Ben Stevens is masterful. I can't wait to read his next set of stories...' Kindle Customer

'Thoroughly enjoyed it...' Daphne Frampton

'This Japanese detective is a fine addition to the burgeoning field of Asian historical detectives which began with Judge Dee (China) and runs through I.P. Parker's Akitada...' Mcb.

'If you like the Akitada books, you will enjoy this....' Mamakile

'Great short stories...' Ston

'Something out of the ordinary... Well worth the read...' Amazon Customer

'The Sensei is a brilliant detective. Ben Stevens, as always rocks. He's one heck of a storyteller...' Lisa

'A feudal Japanese Sherlock Holmes... This ever-evolving excellent series... Vivid imagery and graphic detail which are a trademark of this writer...' Deborah Chaytor

'Try it... and like it... I don't look for mysteries from the middle ages, even ones set in Japan, but for some reason I love this series...' Amazon Customer

'Loved it!... Simply amazed... I thoroughly enjoyed this read...' Edwina Callan

'Very enjoyable...' Sid

'If you like the Akitada books, you will enjoy this...' Mamakile

'I loved this...' MaidenStull

'A prime example of deductive reasoning, set within feudal Japan...' Jennifer

'Ennin and his faithful servant are the Holmes and Watson of the East. The mysteries are well plotted. Sesshu is the Moriarty of the piece. If you are a Sherlock fan you should like Ennin...' Amazon Customer, NJ United States

'The mysteries are intriguing and unusual... Couldn't put the stories down... Well worth the price...' Jay Gold

'Mystery from historic Japan... like Holmes and Watson, but in an Asian setting...' Nysaa

'Good book... the story takes you back in time...' Santex

'Very powerful...' Bill

'Delightful short story... Enjoy!...' PeaTee (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

'(The) Ennin series is intriguing... Recommend these stories to all...' Chris

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