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The Confessions of Sherlock Holmes (Vol. 6): Visit to Washington D.C.

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Publisher: Kitsap Publishing; 1 edition (January 15, 2015)


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In Volume 6 of the 7-Volume Series The Confessions of Sherlock Holmes the plot does more than just thicken. The many strands that have been woven throughout the series begin to come together. In the Sherlock Holmes narrative, which is drawn from the journal that the great detective kept between the years 1891 and 1897 Holmes goes to Ireland to seek clues into the history of the Moriarty family. While there he visits a monastery in the remote Aran Islands. When he returns to England and to his home on Grimpen Moor he continues with the true story of the Baskerville family and the actual fate of Roger Baskerville. Meanwhile, in the Watson narrative Holmes and Watson go to Washington D.C. to speak with President McKinley about the wisdom of American policies towards Cuba and the Philippines and whether it would be advisable for America to build a canal in Central America to open up the China trade in order to defeat the aspirations of the evil Baron Maupertuis.


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