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Sherlock Holmes & The Adventure of the Barren Grave (The First of Criminals Book 3)

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December 1903. Sherlock Holmes has seen everything in his twenty-three years as an active consulting detective. Even the assassination of a man backstage at the Royal Albert Hall, or the appearance of a spectral death-coach upon the streets of London cannot dissipate his ennui. As the mysteries deepen, Holmes and Watson find themselves drawn to both familiar places and new dangers. A grave conspiracy is afoot in London, and only Holmes and Watson can unravel the truth. But when they have come full circle, back to the very spot where their partnership began, will Holmes decide that it is finally time to hang up his hat? *** This edition contains both the basic story, as well as a fully annotated version containing a cornucopia of scholarly insights that compare this newly unearthed tale by Dr. John H. Watson to the classic adventures from the Canon of Sherlock Holmes.

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