Download Revenge Narcissistic Injury Rage And Retaliation Margaret S Mahler online

Revenge: Narcissistic Injury, Rage, and Retaliation (Margaret S. Mahler)

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Language: English

Pages: 210

Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc. (November 21, 2013)


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Revenge: Narcissistic Injury, Rage, and Retaliation addresses the ubiquitous human wish to take revenge and settle scores. Featuring the contributions of eleven distinguished mental health professionals, it offers a panoramic and yet deep perspective on the real or imagined narcissistic injury that often underlies fantasies of revenge and the behavioral trait of vindictiveness. It describes various types of revenge and introduces the concept of a ‘good-enough revenge.’ Deftly blending psychoanalysis, ethology, religious studies, literary criticism, and clinical experience, the book goes a long way to enhance empathy with patients struggling with hurt, pain, and desires to get even with their tormentors. This volume is of great clinical value indeed!

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