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Partners in Recovery

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 160

Publisher: Ballantine Books; Ballantine Books ed edition (March 16, 1993)

ISBN: 0449906752

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Being in a relationship with a man or woman who suffered sexual abuse as a child can be both difficult and rewarding. She or he may experience emotional swings and relive long-buffed memories which cannot include you. At the same time, the partner of an adult survivor has the opportunity to provide the love and support that can make a critical difference in recovery.

In the first book written for the mates, lovers, and friends of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, renowned author and therapist Beverly Engel gently guides both survivors and their partners step by step through the seven phases of recovery, including what to expect from one another and how to live through the difficult times. She separates myth from truth and includes important information on understanding, believing, and accepting the fact of abuse. She also offers validation for the anger, frustration, and helplessness you are bound to feel.

With her unique understanding of both sides of the relationship, as survivor and therapist, Beverly Engel advises partners on questions and concerns surrounding the balance of power, issues of control, and sexual problems. And finally, she discusses how one partner's recovery can change a relationship and how to determine whether the relationship is still working for both of you.

Hopeful and caring, Partners in Recovery can help survivors and those who love them through one of the most challenging times they will ever face together.

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