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No Love: Confessions of a Would-Be School Shooter

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“I almost shot up my school. I almost shot myself. And it had all felt so right.”

It happened on a cold, lonesome winter day. The gun came from his parents’ bedroom. The bullets, from a clinical Styrofoam tray. The will, from the blackness inside him.

But from where came this plan for murder-suicide? Where, and why?

Written over a decade after the fact, 'No Love' attempts to answer these riddles. Behind the hedge of anonymity, the author dissects the events and circumstances which would propel him to notoriety and chill him for life. This dark memoir digs for clues to the cause of a school shooting narrowly averted, using the clear lens of adulthood and retrospect.

Follow the author as he reconstructs that nightmare of so long ago, in hopes of unraveling the mystery of his insane decline so that others might be spared his fate.

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