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Morningstar: A Warrior's Spirit

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Language: English

Pages: 256

Publisher: Coteau Books; 1 edition (September 1, 2006)


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Morningstar Mercredi was born and lived in the north –
Fort Chipewayan and Fort McMurray in Alberta, Uranium City in Saskatchewan, and a number of small communities. Sexually abused from an early age, by family members and the boyfriends she turned to for consolation, she was promiscuous,
alcoholic and a drug user by the time she was thirteen. She married when she was sixteen and had a son two years later. Everything
was a struggle. Days and weeks of sobriety were followed by weeks and months of drinking and self-­abuse.

Then, when her son was four, things began to change. Morningstar found support, from the community, from her son, and from within herself, to be a good mother, find employment, keep relationships and reconnect with her family. Today, she is a strong and creative member of her community, and eager to tell her story of defeat and ultimate ­triumph.

Sadly, the first part of this story is all too common, while the second is all too rare. But Morningstar is a shining example that it can be done. She is honest and ­self-­critical in her descriptions of many attempts and repeated failures. She gives enormous credit to her son, for his constant love, his determination to be honest with her, and his unfailing confidence in her ability to ­succeed.

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