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Solomon J Wolfert

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Language: English

Pages: 169

Publisher: Xlibris (April 24, 2003)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 7.6 MB

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"I dedicate this book to my dearest: children Gina and Nancy, grandchildren David, Melanie and Alexander, son-in-law Steven Kirshenbaum and relatives and survivors. I dedicate this book also into the memory of my beloved: wife Dorrit m.n. Dranger, mother Reva m.n. Teicher, father Eizig Wolf, sisters Rona Gottesman and Helen Hofstein, brothers Naftali, Joseph, Isydor and Abraham and all martyrs.
I lived in Turka, attended schools there and law in the University Jana Kazimierza in Lwow. Since 1941 I went into hiding to the forest, from German and local Nazis and ended up in a Soviet labor camp in Ural from 1942 to 1945. As a Polish citizen I was transported back to Poland. On the way I was lucky to find my brother – soldier Abraham. All others were murdered. In horror we made our way to the US zone in Hof, Germany(DP Camp). In 1949, we came here. I worked 40 years for Equitable. During postwar years I wrote 585 short poems."

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