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Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: Proceedings of the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna, Volume 1

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Language: English

Pages: 461

Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2016 edition (April 8, 2016)


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This landmark volume introduces the new series of
proceedings from the Viktor Frankl Institute, dedicated to preserving the past,
disseminating the present, and anticipating the future of Franklian existential
psychology and psychotherapy, i.e. logotherapy and existentialanalysis . Wide-ranging
contents keep readers abreast of current ideas, findings, and developments in
the field while also presenting rarely-seen selections from Frankl’s work.
Established contributors report on new applications of existential therapies in
specific (OCD, cancer, end-of-life issues) and universal (the search for
meaning) contexts as well as intriguing possibilities for opening up dialogue with
other schools of psychology. And this initial offering establishes the tenor of
the series by presenting varied materials across the field, including: 

    and unpublished articles and lectures by Frankl.
  • Peer-reviewed
    studies on logotherapy process, measures, and research.
  • New
    case studies using logotherapy and existential analysis in diverse
  • Papers
    advocating cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Philosophical
    applications of existential psychology.
  • Critical
    reviews of logotherapy-related books.

Volume 1 of Logotherapy
and Existential Analysis will
attract a wide audience, including psychologists (clinical, social,
personality, positive), psychotherapists of different schools, psychiatrists in
private practice, and researchers in these fields. Practitioners in counseling,
pastoral psychology, coaching, and medical care will also welcome this new
source of ideas and inspiration.

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