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Keepers of the Rain

J.P. York

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Language: English

Pages: 240


ISBN: B00643545S

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An astonishing treasure hidden in the Judean Desert for two thousand years is about to be discovered. Keepers of the Rain is an adventure novel combining an ancient mystery, thrilling artifacts, friendship tested, and a bit of romance. The Arabian Nabateans and the Judean King Herod were masters at prospering in the desert. They were the true keepers of the rain- those who were clever enough to gather and store that most precious of desert treasures, water.

In Keepers of the Rain Helen and Tristan, young scientists, are drawn into a mystery in Israel's Judean Desert. The two good friends are just taking a day off and touring the legendary mountain of Masada. They stumble into a plot by a crooked archaeologist, Conrad Striker, to plunder Masada's treasure. It gets personal when Conrad's thugs send them fleeing over the side of the mountain and into a hidden cave.

While Tristan is reluctant to get involved, Helen is determined to prove that she is able to take on the menace of an ancient king and the greed of a present day treasure hunter. What has King Herod, builder of the fortress atop Masada, hidden in the mountain? Is it the ancient Nabatean treasure, the Eilat Stone? King Herod sought the Eilat Stone and was thwarted by a girl with the power to use it. Conrad Striker seeks the Eilat Stone. Will Helen be able to protect the stone when it is found again, two thousand years later?

King Herod has set many traps along the way for those seeking his treasure. Helen relies on Tristan's friendship, the aid of a handsome army captain, and the support of her loyal dog to see the mystery through. The friends travel to the fabled city of Petra searching for clues, barely escape the bowels of Masada, flirt with a flash flood, and do find a treasure. But is it King Herod's real prize?

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