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Human Development and Social Security in India

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Publisher: New Century Publications (January 20, 2014)

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The ultimate objective of all economic efforts is human development which encompasses quality of life, the level of well-being, and access to basic social services. Since independence in 1947, the pattern of economic development in India has left in its trail a variety of inequalities which have caused socio-politico tensions. While the economy has performed well in terms of growth rate of gross domestic product, its performance in terms of human development indicators has been unsatisfactory. The social security situation in India is characterized by ambiguity in policy and responsibility. There are a variety of schemes, but they do not conform to any overall design reflecting a comprehensive and consistent policy or direction. A comprehensive concept of living standards includes the satisfaction of basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, as well as normal satisfactions of family life, enjoyment of physical and mental health, opportunities for the expression of skills and recreational abilities, and active and pleasurable social participation. This book contains contributions which provide deep insights into various dimensions of human development and social security in India. The social security vision of India's Second National Commission on Labor is reproduced in an Appendix.

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