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Group Work With Populations at Risk

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Language: English

Pages: 536

Publisher: Oxford University Press; 3 edition (October 7, 2010)


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Group Work With Populations at Risk, Third Edition is a fundamental resource for practitioners in health and mental health settings and a comprehensive guidebook of group work skills. Geared toward students and professionals gaining a beginning understanding of groups, this volume describes how to work with vulnerable populations that include returning war veterans, Latino and Latina immigrants, women and men who were abused as children, children of divorce, and people struggling with substance abuse, AIDS, cancer, or chronic mental illness. Each chapter describes the population and reviews the relevant literature, identifies themes and practice principles, presents a case illustration, provides evaluation guidance, and refers readers to key references and web resources. Each one is designed to stand alone for easy reference, and overviews of skill building and evidence-based practice make this a timely, comprehensive resource for group leaders regardless of specialty.

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