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Give Me Tomorrow

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 224

Publisher: Robert Hale; Alabama edition (June 30, 2015)


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The Davies family is as dysfunctional as they come. When Frank marries a younger woman, Susan, his ten-year-old daughter Louise feels pushed out, and even more so when baby Karen arrives. Neither her father's outrageous spoiling of her, nor the drama school to which she is sent to pursue her dream, is enough to distract Louise from the void left by her absent mother. Now, years later, with her father gone, Louise feels even more the odd one out. Obsessed with finding her birth mother, she distances herself from her family, hiding the truth of her flailing acting career from them, and spitefully makes trouble for Karen whenever the opportunity arises. Karen has her own family problems to deal with - she wants to return to her career as a teacher after baby Peter is born, but her husband Simon has other ideas. Susan longs to see her girls reconciled and to pick up the threads of her own life again. This generational family drama is a funny and poignant study of three headstrong women, all pulling in opposite directions. Eventually each one, in her own way, is shown the path to happiness. But will they take it?

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