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Five Dead Canaries

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 220

Publisher: Soundings


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As thousands of Brits are fighting on the Front Line, a new breed of women emerges to hold the Home Front together. Fiercely independent and fiery-spirited, these women are a raucous group of munition workers. One group of "canaries", so-called because of their chemically-stained yellow faces, decide to celebrate leader Florrie Duncan's birthday, but their frolics are soon cut short when all but one are killed in a startling explosion.

With five times the victims there are five times the possible motivations for the murderer, and Marmion and Keedy certainly uncover some surprising clues. Grappling with this perplexing murder mystery involves marital dysfunction, failed bomb plots and an extremely competitive women's football team....


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