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Enlightening Gestalt: Waking Up from the Nightmare

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 254

Publisher: The Gestalt Journal Press (November 12, 2011)


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John Enright is one of the "first generation" of Gestalt therapists who worked and studied with Fritz for the last ten years of his life, during the middle and later years of the development of Gestalt Therapy. All along in this study he felt there was something about Gestalt that was different from the way it was usually understood and presented. This book is about that "something different". At its very heart, Gestalt is not a cure for problems in the real world, but a path to enlightenment; to seeing that the problems are not real, but illusions projected on the world. His view is refreshing, personal, occasionally humorous, and very practical. In addition to people professionally interested in Gestalt, people interested in their own processes of awareness and experience will find this book useful.

"The person committed to effortful change rejects reality and fights it. The purpose of Gestalt is to accept reality and play with it. And in the play, you will discover you made most of it up anyway."
John Enright


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