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EMSRP - Unfreezing the Authentic Self: Reclaiming the Potential Your Upbringing Put Out of Reach

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Key aspects of our development into adults become diverted or obstructed during early childhood, even before we have the ability to speak or think. Being genuine, i.e. allowing our true impulses to express became dangerous or ineffective very early, and as a result people construct habitual masks and inauthentic behaviours to survive and get by. These masks and behaviours rob us of our satisfaction, fail to get core needs met in the world, and we end up settling for what we get and feeling frustrated, isolated and confused about life, or running ourselves ragged pursuing everything that looks like success, whilst never really feeling we have won. This translates into many levels of depression - and depression is rife in our modern world. Whilst therapies have something to offer, they tend not to deal with the absolute causes for good. EMSRP addresses the source of this problem, by reawakening the developmental processes that simply stopped in early life. Key aspects of the evolutionary heritage of every human became frozen and failed to mature - leaving the person without the power to change life for the better. Without complex rocket science EMSRP matures these life-skills without struggle, and this allows people to grow far beyond the limits they have unconsciously accepted as their lot. It has been very developed and trialled for nearly 20 years, and now therapists and counsellors are being trained and accredited to include it in their toolkits. It is particularly effective in alleviating depression, anxiety and life-stuckness. It has been highly effective with couples, individuals and groups. It is both insightful and practical, and is completed in an average of 15 fortnightly sessions.

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