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Developments in Psychotherapy: Historical Perspectives

Windy Dryden

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Language: English

Pages: 284

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd (August 22, 1996)


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This comprehensive and accessible book charts the origins and development of the major non-psychoanalytic fields in counselling and psychotherapy.

Leading British and North American psychotherapists examine a range of approaches including person-centred, transactional analysis, Gestalt, cognitive and behavioural therapy. They discuss how, why and where each approach came about, and the context and influences under which it was formulated. They go on to survey the further development of theory and practice in each case, taking in the most significant trends and highlighting advances which are often not recognized or fully understood. Each approach is then brought firmly up to date with an overview of its current ideology and direction, so that readers can relate its present-day context to its historical background.

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