Download Creative Therapy For Children With Autism ADD And Asperger S Using Artistic Creativity To Reach Teach And Touch Our Children

Creative Therapy for Children with Autism, ADD, and Asperger's: Using Artistic Creativity to Reach, Teach, and Touch Our Children

Janet Tubbs

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 330

Publisher: Square One Publishers (May 10, 2012)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 8.8 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Over thirty years ago, Janet Tubbs began using art, music, and movement to reach children with low self-esteem and behavioral problems. Believing that unconventional children required unconventional therapies, she then applied her program to children with autism, ADD/ADHD, and Asperger’s syndrome. Her innovative methods not only worked, but actually defied the experts. In this book, Tubbs has put together a powerful tool to help parents, therapists, and teachers work with their children.

Part One of Creative Therapy begins with the author’s approach to balancing a child’s body, mind, and spirit through proven techniques. Part Two provides a wide variety of exercises and activities that are designed to reduce hyperactivity, increase focus, decrease anger, develop fine motor skills, or improve social and verbal skills while helping children relate to their environment without fear or discomfort.

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