Download Chasing The Devil S Tail Valentin St Cyr Mysteries

Chasing the Devil's Tail (Valentin St. Cyr Mysteries)

David Fulmer

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 226

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press; 1 edition (November 1, 2001)

ISBN: 1890208841

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 9.4 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Not New Orleans—but Storyville—noir…and all that jazz!

1907 Storyville. Cultures, races, and religions more often blend than clash in a rich gumbo only New Orleans could serve up. But trouble brews. In this red light district, prostitutes ply their trade whether in cramped cribs or elegant houses of French ancestry, while music surges through its streets and helps harmonize the light and dark elements. King Bolden rules the Storyville brass with his golden coronet and his gift—jasser—to blow a riff on the city’s music that pulses with new rhythms and notes. But the real King of Storyville is Tom Anderson, the district’s powerful property owner and political fixer, who employs Creole detective Valentin St. Cyr to dig into the deaths of a string of prostitutes. Each victim is found with a black rose. Is a serial killer leaving a calling card? Is King Bolden losing his mind as he stretches his genius to its limits? Why is an elderly priest sent away under care?

“This brilliant debut noir captures a time and place so perfectly the reader will resent each time he has to lay it aside....”

—Barbara Peters

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