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Borderline Personality Disorder: Call Me Crazy, But Was My BPD Misdiagnosed?

Annie Kosta

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Pages: 45

Publisher: Lormor Internet Ventures, LLC (January 7, 2014)


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(Publisher's Note - You can get this and FOUR OTHER stories written by BPD authors in a combined anthology book called, "Borderline Personality Disorder: Riveting Stories, Suggested Strategies from 5 Women Diagnosed with BPD". Get it today - all 5 stories at 1 heavily discounted price in the Kindle Book Store!)


This excerpt of the combined authors' anthology is an honest, raw, no-holds-barred account of a troubled teenager diagnosed, questionably, with Borderline Personality Disorder.

After having suffered an unhappy and lonely childhood in Great Britain, I began hurting myself and displaying behavioural difficulties at just eleven years old. After years of self-injury, mood swings, reckless behaviour and ineffective therapy, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder when I was just seventeen. To this day, I believe the psychiatrist’s conclusion was incorrect.

In this section of the anthology, I reflect on my diagnosis in relation to my behaviour by looking at the traits of BPD one by one, and analysing my behaviour both in the past and in the present day in relation to those traits. I carefully analyse the distinction between extreme teenage behaviour brought on by low self-esteem and a real, serious mental illness (but possibly misdiagnosed?), and discuss my theory that people are often mislabeled with the BPD diagnosis purely because they have challenging personalities, but possibly not Borderline.

As a functioning and balanced young adult in the present day, I am basically unrecognisable from my unstable, volatile teenage self – which is what makes me question my initial BPD diagnosis. If I'm doing well as a young adult, and BPD doesn't "just go away", how could that diagnosis be correct?

Join me as my hope is that this analysis will offer some answers (or at least validate questions YOU may have) if you too are questioning your diagnosis.

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