Download Bipolar Disorder A Guide For Life Beyond Coping

Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Life Beyond Coping

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Publisher: CreateSpace (October 27, 2012)

ISBN: B009Y84X4I

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These authors, both diagnosed with bipolar disorder, are the first to question the conventional wisdom concerning this disorder. We propose an alternative to strictly coping based approaches, which is to engage in one's life-challenges by doing their life's work. The reader learns tools that are tailored for bipolar individuals to help build a self-image that is consistent with life-long goals. Most importantly, we propose a new concept called "life-challenges", which are exciting ways to realize your life's work. This book describes this new approach in a in a well-organized, comprehensive, and easy to follow way. Mountain climbing examples are used to convert the abstract concept of a life-challenge into concrete understanding. This book is not for those who are interested in consuming copious quantities of medication and simply "weathering the storms". Life can involve much more than strictly coping, or tolerating stress - life can be extraordinary.


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