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An Alexander Technique Approach to Psychotherapy

Ethan Kind

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This ebook uses the Alexander Technique principles of good posture and using your body well in activities, to assist the person in emotional pain find an easier and kinder way to heal. The Alexander Technique does this by having your posture back up your return to emotional and psychological health and peace. This ebook is filled with concepts that will help you explore what you’ve been doing posturally as you move or sit, and to assist you in finding a way to use your body, so that doing all things is easier and kinder to the body. The topics are: What the Alexander Technique Offers the Person in Psychotherapy; Posture: Standing, Sitting, Lying Down, and Walking; Torso, Shoulders, and Breathing; Direction (fully upright decompressed posture); Inhibition (letting go of bad habits); Pure Observation; Trusting Yourself in the Things You Do; Truly Felt Pain is Intolerable; Releasing Your Physical and Emotional Pain as a Gift to Yourself.

Ethan Kind is a former concert guitarist who used the Alexander Technique to heal carpal tunnel pain in his left wrist and never had physical problems on the guitar again. He has also been an athlete all of his life. Please contact Mr. Kind if you have any questions about this ebook, suggestions that would make this ebook clearer and more expansive, or suggestions for other ebooks that you would like to see him write about. Mr. Kind can be reached at and

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