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A Woman Scorned

Malcolm Macdonald

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 422

Publisher: M.J. Ross-Macdonald (December 21, 2013)


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The past may be another country but many still live there.

In 1886, five years after the tragedy that ruined her 15th birthday, Judith Carty returns to Castle Moore and resumes her flirtation with its heir, young Rick Bellingham. But Rick's best friend, Fergal, has reasons to see their love thwarted. So does Fergal's sister, Sally, who wants Rick for herself.

First published in 1991 by Headline in London and St Martins in New York, A Woman Scorned attracted the following notices:

* This lively account of life among the Anglo-Irish aristocracy combines absorbing historical background, a pleasing romance, and colorful characters — Publishers Weekly

* Macdonald presents another leisurely period novel of romantic and domestic dilemmas — but here, in a Victorian Irish setting, there's a strong lacing of fallout from a violent political crime backgrounding the lives of a clutch of bright young people ... Thoroughly enjoyable people and chat — for those fond of slow-paced tales in a low key. — Kirkus

* A historical romance which catches the flavour of turbulent times — Oxford Mail

And—of Macdonald himself:

*He is every bit as bad as Dickens – Martin Seymour-Smith

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